Sunday, July 30, 2006

Simon Brizdale

Over the years, drawing stuff all day, I have come up with a lot of ideas. Most of them get a page or two of notes in a sketchbook and then get logged away, mostly to be forgotten. Every once in awhile, however, I come up with an idea that I feel has real potential. One of those is Simon Brizdale. Over the past three years or so I have been writing constant notes about the character and his life and times. The actual name for the comics I would like to do is "The Chronicles of Simon Brizdale". At this point I've got most of his life fleshed out in a pretty detailed fashion.

I've got about 10 or so short stories ready to be drawn, plus several longer stories that would take 3 to 6 issues of a typical comic book to tell. Then there's the epic scale story that brings his whole life jouney to an amazing conclusion.

Right now? It's just a bunch of ideas, a heaping mass of potential. The goal? Do something with it. So some of this blog will be given over to sharing the process of creating these stories and building up a collection of them. I don't know how quickly it will go, but every little bit is something.

I have drawn one short story for Simon, and eight page story that was in an anthology published by It was a decent attempt to get the basic concept of the character down on paper, but he has evolved since then. I hope to retell that first tale after getting a few short stories done.

Anyway, after all of this yada yada yada, here are a few sketches done recently as part of my attempt to redesign the characters and figure out how I want to handle the art for this monstrosity of an idea.


A_N_Nanda said...

A set of good sketches.
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Penickart said...

Thanks! I will continue to give it my best. :-) said...

You never call! You never write!! I though we had something special!!! Get in touch with me.

UrbanBarbarian said...

More Simon pleez!

william wray said...

Hey Mike P. Your the best golf artist ever. Now were even.I like the bottom one best.