Saturday, April 26, 2014


Got hired to do the line art for a beer logo - the Coronado Brewing Company. Great job; loved doing it. Luckily they liked the results and I got to do a second one. Hopefully more will follow. Here's the first one, isolated from the rest of the beer label:

In the process of working up potential poses on the first one i decided it would be fun to do a series of them in more of an Alphonse Mucha type design. These are a few of the works in progress. I snapped pictures with my phone of the inks, pre-scanning, then added silly effects to them so they wouldn't be just black and white for posting on Facebook and Twitter.

I'll share the second beer logo once I know it's out on the shelves for everyone to see.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Graphic Novel frames

Here's a few panels (pencils and/or inks) from a creator-owned graphic novel I'm pecking away at in between paying jobs. Written by my good friend and writing partner Dean, adapted and illustrated by me.

Much more on this to come in the future.

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