Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Art Dump!

With all the social media outlets these days it's hard to keep up with them all, but I think it's time to go back to making my blog my main source of sharing. Other social media sites can be too distracting; the blog keeps things focused on stuff going out, not coming in. I've got a ton of work to do this year so the focus will help.

And we're having a baby in a couple of weeks, so that should add to the need for focus. So here are a bunch of sketches and stuff that I've put up on DeviantArt but not here.

I got a nice watercolor block and decided to do a series of Hellboy watercolors on them. Here are the first two. I like the less saturated colors on the second better I think.

Here's a sketch of Storm, from the X-Men. I had been looking at a bunch of Chris Sanders drawings before doing this.

Let me tell you, drawing in a Chris Sanders style is a lot harder than it looks. I thought this Vampirella sketch might turn out okay but now I'm not so sure. Maybe I should stick to a more normal approach. Hats off to you, Chris, for making what you do look so easy.

Here are a couple of 5x7 inch sketches, more my style. I like Anakin still but not Ventress Asajj so much. That's the curse of most artists, not liking what they do very much. Time passes and all our mistakes become obvious to us.

Next up: a series of commissions. I should try and do more of them but it's hard to keep up with them, mail them, etc...  Still, I'm happy with the entire bunch here.

This one is Dream's sister Death, from the Vertigo comic line. Sandman was a great comic written by Neil Gaimen and Death was easily one of the best characters.

This one was pretty popular on DeviantArt so I added some color.

A few months ago I started contributing to the website/blog Planet Pulp, found here. It's one of my favorite websites because of the diversity of subject matter and diversity of art showcased. It's really fun and worth following if you don't already.

The theme here was our favorite Sitcoms. Better Off Ted was only around for two half seasons (which should be a crime) but it easily became one of my favorite shows during its short run. This one was a lot of fun to do.

And now to end this post with a piece not shared anywhere else. I did some sketches awhile back that I still like so I decided to add some color to them. I love The Clone Wars animated television series. I feel like it has all the fun of Star Wars without all the family drama. Call it a guilty pleasure.

I would love to do some real, official Star Wars art at some point, especially if it centers around this show.

Okay, back to work! For me. Not you. Unless you should be working.