Monday, July 03, 2006

The Kool Kidz

Two posts in one day!

While working on the movie (the live action one that I've been posting previz art from) I'm also working on an animation project. It's the primary focus of the company I'm now a part of: Just Imagine It Productions. The Kool Kidz are a group of multi-ethnic kids who find themselves getting into all kinds of adventures thanks to a magical doorknob. I know, right? Magical doorknob??? Just bear with it - it's cooler than it sounds.

The kids consist of Tyler (the leader of the gang), Gabby, Mac, Sam (short of Samantha), Jesse, and Nora. There will be two more eventually: Wendy (who is wheelchair bound) and Ammar.

The doorknob creates magical doors which takes them to all manner of places: throughout time, both historical and fictional, to other dimensions, etc... There's really no limits.

Tyler's grandfather is a zanny character that helps Tyler to understand the doorknob but winds up getting into trouble as much as the kids do. Remember Doc Brown from the Back to the Future movies? He's sorta like that.

I could go on and on about the kidz, but I think it's better to save as much as possible for once there's actually some animation to see. Anyway, here they are posted in the same order as mentioned above, plus all of them together for a group shot.

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rick reese said...

Hi, these are really great...I've enjoyed looking at all your characters, nice personalities, great line quality, good stuff!