Friday, April 13, 2012

Black Widow

Did this not too long ago. I guess I'm looking forward to the Avengers Movie.

Pencils - well I SAY pencils but they're done digitally, so maybe I should say "penicls". I do most of my prep work digitally these days; the computer allows for so much edit-ability that it's hard to go back to old school pencils. The pistol was rendered from Google Sketchup. Again, it's just too easy. Why make a job hard if it doesn't have to be? So, anyway...

Inks - Black Widow is printed in a non-photo blue ink on 500 series bristol board and inked old school. The Avengers A was done in Photoshop (it's just too easy that way). I've been using brushes for a long time now so I thought it would be fun to try something different on this one, using mostly pens:

And finally the colors. Playing with textures and channeling late era Bernie Fuchs, keeping everything low contrast and dark except for the warm area where the focus of the piece should be. I probably could have spent more time on the face but I was putting other, paying work to the side to do this little experiment so I had to keep the time commitment to a minimum. I'm pretty happy with the results nonetheless. 

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