Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Little Things

When you're busy working your butt off and not getting to experience normal life you have to learn to love the little things. For instance, after using Photoshop for ten years or more I discovered the other day the "sample all layers" option when using the magic wand. Holy christmas has that saved me some time when coloring pages! How I didn't see this before is beyond me. I had another flash of brilliance the other day: as I was leaning way over on my drawing desk, uncomfortable, I suddenly pondered "why the hell is this thing so low?" So I raised it. I was whistling ditty little tunes the rest of the day. It's these little things that bring so much joy if you let them.

On the other hand, Apple has finally updated their operating system to the point where it no longer recognizes my perfectly good but older large bed scanner. Just a little thing that will cost me $300 now that I have to go and buy a new scanner. Thanks Apple. How do you do a middle finger with text?

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