Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Through the Wormhole

I've got a couple of funny stories to relate but I wanted to post new artwork before doing that. All three have been put behind the need to say "I love this new series - Through the Wormhole - with Morgan Freeman." Can't help it. I'm a super geek. I draw stuff and love science. I loved Cosmos as a kid and I think this is the next generation of it, exploring the universe and how/why it is the way it is. Science has come a long way since Cosmos originally aired (late 70's, early 80's?) and this show is really up to date with current theories and the work scientists are doing to gain further understanding of our world.

The official website is here and you can watch the first episode, if you like, on youtube. I don't know if it will stay up on youtube (different channels have different attitudes about having their material there), but if the link's still good, you can start watching it here.

Okay, I'll post some new artwork next. Then relate more weird stories from life on a commuter train (which I don't even take regularly anymore but have been on a lot recently for one reason or another).

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